Anna Kendrick Plastic Surgery

Anna Kendrick is an American actress and singer who gained great fame for her role in ‘The Twilight Saga’ series. In a short time, Kendrick starred in critically acclaimed films such as ‘Up in the Air’ and ‘Pitch Perfect,’ which cemented her position in the entertainment world. Known for her carefree roles in comedy, drama, and romance films, Anna Kendrick has a massive following across the globe.

Born on August 9, 1985, she started acting in stage productions at 9 and lent her beautiful voice to Broadway musicals. Growing up, her interest shifted to Hollywood when she made her debut in ‘Camp.’

As her career began to blossom, Anna Kendrick came into the limelight with many compliments for her flawless looks and attractive personality. Also, rumors started that the star had undergone surgery to improve her physical features. Many think the actress underwent a series of plastic surgery procedures to beautify her face and body. Anna Kendrick’s breast implants were among the most popular rumors, as some thought her breasts looked more considerable and disproportionate to their body.

Stories suggesting that the ‘Towards the Forest’ actress had Rhinoplasty and butt lift also began to circulate. Although the actor admitted that body stunts were used in her films, the rumors never stopped. So how much is true? Now let’s take a closer look at Anne Kendrick’s plastic surgery journey!

Who is Anna Kendric?

When she started acting at 9, Anna Kendrick’s career began as a child actress in Broadway stage productions and musicals. Watch Anna unleash her power on the Broadway show as beautiful and charming. Her beautiful braids and wavy hair are pretty cute. Anna joined the choir in her teenage years. She was still a rather chubby girl, with her baby fat, plump cheeks, and double chin.

Anna began to undergo some visible changes as her upper body matured. She wore glasses that gave her a different look, but we weren’t complaining. You can see the young lady transform into a beautiful woman with perfect fashion sense!

At 18, Anna had achieved an astonishing figure with sensual curves. That’s when rumors began to surface about Anna Kendrick’s breast augmentation, claiming that the star had gone under the knife.

Anna Kendric’s Plastic Surgery Journey

The Twilight movie star seems to have gained weight, especially on her face, as she looks bloated. Her chin and cheeks appear full, while her strong jawline seems very vague. We believe this may be an incorrect camera angle or perspective. Don’t you think? Winning a prestigious Oscar nomination for her role in ‘Up in the Air,’ Anna Kendrick looked ethereal at the Oscar event.

Her off-the-shoulder pink dress, hairstyle, and beautiful makeup make for a stunning look. We noticed that the talented star had lost quite a bit of weight compared to her previous photo, and she looks fit and flawless. A pointed chin defines her jawline, and her nose looks slim thanks to clever styling. The result of going under the scalpel?

Attending the ‘Pitch Perfect’ premiere in Hollywood, California, this close-up sparked rumors that Anna Kendrick got her nose job done. Her nose looked slender, with a pointed nose and a graceful nose bridge. Was it a well-done Rhinoplasty, or did she use heavy concealers and make-up?

She showed all her fans the size of Anna Kendrick’s breasts while attending the Grammys in Los Angeles in a beautiful body-hugging dress with an attractive cut. Although Anna showed a lot of skin, especially with a long slit in her dress, she also managed to look glamorous and elegant. Her understated hairstyle, striking red lips, perfect accessories, and long eyelashes proved that the diva is also a shining fashion icon.

Attending CinemaCon, Anna appeared in an elegant short black dress that showed off her curves in the best light. Anna looked stunning and sexy at the event with the right accessories! Anna Kendrick may have a new diet plan on her card, as her fit figure is proof of that. Here are the predictions for Anna Kendrick’s plastic surgery journey:

  • Rhinoplasty (Nose job): Anna’s nose has garnered media attention, with some speculating that the young actress has had Rhinoplasty. The tip of its nose is rather blunt and has a rounded profile. However, in later photos, we can see that her nose has a slim profile with a prominent nose bridge. Surprisingly, the actress didn’t undergo Rhinoplasty procedure. Its bony bridge, which appears slightly upturned, gives the impression of a thin nose.
  • Breast augmentation: Anna loves to have round breasts and fuller-looking breasts. Could this be why Anna Kendrick’s breasts seem to get bigger as she ages? With her petite body and round breasts, Anna has a great figure, and this, combined with her cheerful enthusiasm, makes her a real eye-catcher. While we’ll never be sure if the star has had a breast augmentation, we have to agree that she has a great fashion sense that can accentuate her curves aesthetically.
  • Eyelid surgery: Anna’s eyes have a distinctive and elegant blue color that, makes her one of her best features. When you compare the previous photos, you can see that Anna’s eyes appear smaller in the childhood photo and broader in the last photo. However, the actress didn’t undergo double eyelid surgery. In addition, it beautifies the image of the actress with regular shaping and shortening of the eyebrows.

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