Prime Assist Health is a health tourism agency established within Setart Medical. who have experience with international patients and decided to use this knowledge and experience for their own company. Our founding doctors have achieved many successes in the healthcare field for more than 15 years. To date Prime Assist Health has successfully served thousands of international patients and has occupied an important place in health tourism. Our Success as Prime Assist Health; is due to our strong professional staff and the superior experience of our founders. Our team includes many doctors and nurses from different industries. In this way, our patients do not lose any time in the treatment process and can carry out the process optimally. With more than 15 years of experience in the healthcare sector, we are always working to offer the best to our valued patients. we are not only available 24/7, we also take care of our patients during and after treatment thanks to our coordinators who speak English, German, Spanish, and french.

Why Prime Assist Health?

1- We prioritize patient satisfaction
2- Lifetime online consultation service
3- 24/7 patient care
4- Leading specialists in the industry
5- Free advice

About the clinical treatment process. You can ask any question that comes to mind by having a free preliminary talk with our private consultants. Our team of experts will walk you through the process in detail to ease your concerns. Your personal adviser will ask you for information about your medical history, surgeries, or illnesses you have had. At the same time, a treatment plan is drawn up with your medical history and your expectations. After you have discussed all the details, you will be informed by your private medical consultant how to proceed with your treatment and to set your appointment. After sharing your flight ticket information with our team, your VIP transfer vehicle will be ready at the airport to take you to your accommodation, hospital or hotel on arrival day in Turkey. All the necessary tests are carried out before the operation and you can also conveniently talk to your doctor before the operation.

How We Work?

Collaborating with patients, nurses, surgeons and coordinators as a team, we blend the latest technology with expert experience and offer our facilities with all the details of excellence in healthcare.

Prime Assist Health Turkey focuses on overcoming the problems of those with weight problems, bringing you the you of your dreams and supporting the value and healthy life you deserve based on high quality. We are ready to take this first step with you as you take your first step in your new life.

Launched in 2022, Prime Assist Health Turkey is here for you to open a new door to your lives. We are a healthcare institution founded by Setart Medical. We are here for new you. 

Our Strategy

Prime Assist Health has been developed in line with the important inputs received from our domestic and international patients. As can be understood from the direction of this strategy, it reveals what excellence in healthcare means to them, what matters most, and how we can help.