Breast Uplift

Age, birth, and breastfeeding cause the skin around the breast to lose its elasticity. In addition, further weight loss can result in a loss of volume in the breasts, which the contraction of the skin cannot compensate. Your breasts may sag because of this. A breast uplift is a cosmetic operation in which excess skin removes, the tissue lift to the chest wall and as much tissue as possible is preserved.

With breast uplift in Turkey, our experts lift your breasts to a more original position. This makes the breasts look rejuvenated and full. A breast uplift causes permanent scars that may initially be red and swollen. But for most people, spots become less visible over time.

Who are the Ideal Candidates For Breast Uplift?

Our surgeon can successfully lift both large and small breasts. However, the result will take longer for breasts that aren’t very large because it causes less traction on the breast tissue.

You must be healthy and fit to be eligible for a breast uplift. Also, ideal candidates for breast uplift in Turkey are those with a BMI below 30. Most women wait until they get a breast uplift on the other side of pregnancy and breastfeeding. However, even if you plan to have a child in the future, you can also have a breast lift.

Breast Uplift Procedure

Take a closer look at the breast uplift procedure steps in Turkey:

  • Preparation

It would be best to stop using drugs containing acetylsalicylic acid one week before the surgery. However, you should not stop taking heart or other blood-thinning medications without consulting your doctor or cardiologist. Avoid getting tattoos, piercings, or major dental work one month before and one month after surgery. This is because bacteria can build up in the blood with tattoos, piercings, and dentistry. On the day of surgery, you should take a shower by washing your body and hair thoroughly with soap. Don’t use body lotion or cream on the problem area. Wear loose, comfortable clothing, preferably a blouse with zippers and flat shoes.

Stop smoking six weeks before and four weeks after surgery. It would be best if you stopped smoking before surgery to reduce the risk of poor wound healing, lung problems, and infection due to surgery. Also, take a break from alcohol.

  • Anesthesia

You will decide on the type of anesthesia together with our specialist. You will have a unique experience with anesthesia.

  • Techniques and process

A breast uplift can be similar to breast reduction surgery. However, in a breast uplift, the mammary gland and adipose tissue aren’t removed, or only a limited amount remove. Therefore, it is mainly the excess skin that eliminates. There are different techniques for breast uplift. Most involve the plastic surgeon removing excess skin under or around the nipple. With its associated nerves and blood supply, the nipple move to its new and original position on the chest wall.

Combining a breast uplift with breast augmentation surgery is possible, either by placing an implant or moving excess fat from other body parts to the breasts.

How Much Does a Breast Uplift Cost?

Like other procedures, the breast uplift cost in Turkey is highly affordable. However, you should contact us for breast uplift prices in Turkey.

In addition, breast uplift results in Turkey are pretty successful. The surgeon lifts your breasts closer to their original position in this procedure. This makes them look rejuvenated and plump. The effect of the system is permanent. But when you get older, after repeated pregnancy and breastfeeding, or when there are significant changes in body weight, the breasts may eventually sag again.

After breast uplift surgery, you should expect to take 1-2 weeks off from work and avoid physical activity for 4-6 weeks. It is essential to use a supportive bra or similar for at least three months after the operation to achieve the best possible result.