Gastric Sleeve

Gastric Sleeve in Turkey

Procedure Details

Total Stay Duration
4 Days
Hospital Stay
3 Days
Procedure Duration
25 Minutes
Anesthesia Type
General Anesthesia
Recovery Period
4 Weeks

Doctors sometimes recommend gastric sleeve surgery for overweight people who have tried to lose weight with regular diet and exercise programs but have failed to lose weight. This process involves shrinking the stomach and then losing weight.

Gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey is a popular method preferred by many people in Turkey.

What is Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Many people who want to lose weight ask, ‘what is gastric sleeve surgery.’ Gastric sleeve surgery is when the surgeon removes part of the stomach and creates a narrow tube or sleeve from the rest. Your new banana-shaped stomach is slightly smaller than your original stomach. Reducing stomach size reduces the number of hormones responsible for controlling appetite and insulin.

Therefore, after the operation, the person’s appetite will decrease, and insulin resistance will improve. The person will eat less, feel more satiated, and be less hungry. The gastric sleeve procedure is irreversible.

Dr. Muzaffer Önder Öner

Who are the Ideal Candidates for Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

The ideal candidates for gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey are people who are very overweight and have serious health problems caused by weight. However, it isn’t an operation limited to correcting and forgetting the stomach. To be a candidate for this operation, they must commit to changing their nutrition and exercise habits in the long term. Not everyone who wants to have surgery is considered an excellent candidate to undergo this surgery. Doctors consider many things when deciding whether a teenager’s weight loss surgery is viable.

The profile of a patient who can have gastric sleeve surgery Turkey is the same as other bariatric surgery candidates. That is, candidates must be approximately 18 to 65 years old, with a Body Mass Index greater than 40, and suffering from obesity-related diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and sleep apnea.

However, since this is only a restrictive technique, the ideal patient is indeed someone who eats a lot. After months of intervention and the necessary weight loss, the patient can eat more food than at the beginning. As with other bariatric surgery techniques, it is essential to internalize that you need to eat small amounts of food, eat healthily, and do sports to avoid gaining weight again.

Steps of Gastric Sleeve Surgery Procedure

Check out the steps of gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey:

  • Preparation and consultation

Preparing for this major operation is a process that requires months of work. Patients must demonstrate that they can make significant changes in their diet and exercise habits before the procedure.

During the consultation, the doctor will explain the operation, help you prepare for it, and take care of you after the procedure. A few months before your surgery, you will work with your medical team to develop the skills you need to be successful.

You will meet with a surgeon for gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey. The surgeon will explain the operation, examine you, and talk to you about what to expect before and after gastric sleeve surgery. The doctor will also inform you about some things that could go wrong with your operation.

  • Anesthesia

Gastric sleeve surgery is an essential operation. The doctors will give you an anesthetic so that you will be asleep during the process.

  • Incision

The surgeon will remove three-quarters of your stomach when you are fully asleep. It will leave you with a smaller banana-shaped stomach called a gastric sleeve.

  • Final

After shrinking your stomach, the surgeon will close the wound with aesthetic stitches and end the procedure. After surgery, you will likely stay in the hospital for several nights so doctors and nurses can monitor your recovery. The doctor will give you drugs for your pain and nausea. Also, the staff will help you move around your room. So they will make sure that you can drink liquids without vomiting.

Does Gastric Sleeve Surgery Have Any Risks?

As gastric sleeve surgery Turkey is significant surgery, it is associated with some risks such as:

  • Bleeding
  • Loss of stomach contents to the stomach from where the surgeon cuts the stomach
  • Adverse reaction to anesthesia
  • Blood clots
  • Infection
  • Gastroesophageal reflux
  • Vitamin and mineral deficiencies
  • New weight gain

However, thanks to new technologies, the risk after gastric sleeve procedures is almost non-existent in Turkey.

Advantages of Gastric Sleeve Surgery

  • It is a minimally invasive technique that reduces the stomach’s volume without further changes in the digestive system.
  • It is an operation in which 60% to 70% of the patient’s excess weight is quickly lost.
  • Significant shrinkage of the stomach facilitates the rapid satiety of the patient with a small amount of food.
  • Removing about 85% of the stomach affects the lower production of ghrelin, the hunger hormone. Thus, the patient usually feels fuller more easily.
  • Because it isn’t a sponging technique, the absorption of nutrients in the digestive tract is usually not affected, and only very general oral vitamin and mineral supplements are required.
  • There are fewer nutritional and food complications, and dumping syndrome is rare.
  • Surgeons can easily convert the procedure to a gastric bypass further to reduce the size of the stomach over time and add a component of digestive malabsorption.

Recovery After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

You usually recover from this operation within a week. However, it will take several weeks for you to eat normally again. Gastric sleeve surgery Turkey permanently reduces the size of the stomach.

You will also fill up faster. To get used to a smaller stomach, you must follow a special diet starting with liquids only. Your expert dietitian will gradually prepare an effective nutrition plan for solid foods. For example:

  • For the first 2-3 weeks after surgery, you will receive all your nutrition from high-protein drinks.
  • For the next two weeks, you will eat foods like porridge or porridge.
  • Finally, you will switch to softer foods for a few weeks before returning to eating everyday foods.

The foods you choose are essential, as you won’t be able to eat that much. Your dietitian will help you develop a healthy, balanced diet that includes fruit, vegetables, and protein throughout your life. Snacks like candy and chips are high in calories and don’t provide the nutrition you need. Therefore, try to avoid them. Your dietitian will also recommend vitamin and mineral supplements, so you don’t miss out on these critical nutrients.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery Results

Gastric sleeve surgery results in Turkey are pretty successful. It would be best to be very careful before and after gastric sleeve surgery. As with Roux en Y gastric bypass, you will achieve most of your weight loss in the first two years. After that, the residual gastric sac’s weight and expansion are restored in some cases.

You will feel good and maintain good weight loss with a proper diet, regular exercise, and good eating habits. You can see the difference between before and after gastric sleeve surgery photos.

What is our difference from other clinics?

  • Our surgeon does not use drain,
  • Our surgeon performes gastric sleeve from just 3 whole
  • It takes around 25 minutes