Dental Crowns

A dental crown is a stabilizing cap firmly fixed around the tooth using solid plastic cement. It is usually made of tooth-colored porcelain material, which resembles natural teeth in anatomical shape and color.

Dental crowns in Turkey completely cover the damaged tooth. In addition to strengthening a damaged tooth, a crown can improve appearance, shape, or biting ability. The dentist can also fix a dental crown on an implant that completely replaces your previous tooth in appearance, structure, and function. Dental crowns can match the color of your natural teeth.

When is a Dental Crown Necessary?

If a tooth has undergone root treatment, is broken or weakened by a large and unstable filling, or is symptomatic, for example, due to violations, it is right to have a crown on the tooth. This secures the tooth for the future; the alternative is that the tooth will be lost sooner or later, often due to fracture and weakening.

Before a dental crown treatment, our dentist uses x-rays to assess whether the tooth, root, and bone foundation is strong enough and suitable for further treatment.

Dental Crown Procedure

The treatment course for a dental crown varies depending on the crown you need. Follow the steps for dental crowns in Turkey:

  • Preparation

The first step in treatment begins with a consultation with our dentist. Here, the dentist can fill the tooth in question according to certain principles so that the crown has sufficient space and grips well around the tooth.

  • Anesthesia

Of course, the dental crown in Turkey takes place under anesthesia, so you don’t feel anything. Even while applying anesthesia, we treat 100% painlessly.

  • Measurement

The specialist measures the tooth after the filing process. It is essential that the entire tooth includes in the impression and that the rasping limit is visible. This way, the technician can produce a crown that fits snugly to the tooth. The gums usually need to be slightly pushed to the side to make this possible. Thus, it emerges along the entire circumference of the tooth. This does with a small thread or material placed in the gum pockets, pushing the gums to the side. The grinding limit is visible when the impression takes later.

The specialist also measures the teeth of the opposite jaw. This way, the specialist gets all the information the technician needs to make a crown that fits your tooth perfectly.

In the dental laboratory, casting models make from the measurements of the tooth in question and the opposing jaw. From these cast models and the bite impression, the technician can produce a dental crown that will fit your tooth perfectly in your mouth.


Once the dental crown is ready, the dentist will first try it on your mouth. Here, experts evaluate a few things. Finally, the specialist fixes and polishes the dental crown. The treatment is over, and you are now standing with a strongly reinforced tooth with a substantial restoration that wraps around the tooth crown. You can then use the tooth in a completely normal way.

Dental Crown Cost

It is almost impossible to put a fixed price on the cost of a dental crown in Turkey. Dental crown prices in Turkey primarily depend on which material uses. For example, gold crowns will be more expensive than metal-ceramic crowns. It also depends on which tooth needs a dental crown. Molars require a more oversized crown, which usually requires more robust material than the front tooth. We will always provide a price estimate for your treatment before we begin. Therefore, there will be no surprises.