Liposuction is a treatment that removes local fat accumulations in selected areas. It is among the most common cosmetic procedures. It isn’t a substitute for weight loss but reduces localized unwanted fat deposits in the subcutaneous tissue.

Liposuction in Turkey removes only the subcutaneous fat, not the fat inside the muscles or between the intestines. Therefore, liposuction only helps to a limited extent against abdominal obesity. Liposculpture is also a term used synonymously.

Although the method doesn’t require large incisions in the body, it is considered surgery. The procedure leaves only tiny wounds on the skin but large scars inside. Liposuction is among the most common cosmetic surgical procedures.

Who are the Ideal Candidates for Liposuction?

Ideal candidates for liposuction in Turkey are men and women who want this procedure. You can consult our expert to find out if you are a definite candidate.

Liposuction Procedure

The liposuction procedure in Turkey is very impressive. Take a closer look at the liposuction steps in Turkey right now:

  • Consultation

During the consultation, our plastic surgeon decides, together with the patient, which fat can remove. For example, in loose skin surgery, the surgeon may do an elasticity test to see if they need to remove excess skin during or after the procedure. In most people, the skin has a particular ability to shrink, as the skin is elastic. Elasticity decreases with age and decreases with prolonged smoking.

  • Anesthesia

Liposuction can perform under local or general anesthesia.

  • Process

The fat is then sucked through several minor cuts in the skin using a tube connected to a suction mechanism. Suction is made through different holes in different directions to remove fat cells from several layers of fat in the body and make the result of liposuction as even as possible.

The fat collects in a container with the injected liquid. When enough fat has been absorbed, the openings suture again, or a piece of plaster applies to the suction hole.

It may be tempting to ask the plastic surgeon to absorb as much fat as possible from the subcutaneous tissue. However, if too much is absorbed, correcting any irregularities in the later stages can be difficult. The most important thing is appearance.

The duration of the procedure depends on which techniques the plastic surgeon uses and the amount of fat to remove.

Recovery After Liposuction

After liposuction in Turkey, the specialist will recommend a compression bandage that you should use for 2-6 weeks. This does prevent unevenness and loose skin. Most often, the threads remove after 7-14 days:

  • If you maintain weight, the result can take a long time. New fat cells don’t form in place of the fat cells removed by the plastic surgeon. However, this doesn’t rule out the possibility of gaining more fat in your body. Each remaining fat cell may continue to grow in size and increase in volume.
  • Liposuction isn’t an alternative to diet and exercise.
  • The surgical technique removes only the subcutaneous fat, not the fat found in the muscles or between the intestines in the abdomen. Therefore, liposuction only helps to a limited extent against abdominal obesity.
  • There is usually swelling and discoloration after the procedure. Pain relievers can reduce discomfort.
  • Swelling is worst in the first 1-2 weeks but can last up to 8 weeks. The discoloration usually disappears after a few weeks. Most return to light work after one to two weeks.

How Much Does Liposuction Cost?

The liposuction cost in Turkey varies completely according to many factors. However, it would be best if you didn’t forget that liposuction prices in Turkey are much lower than in other countries.